Saturday, August 23, 2014

Utah Lake

At the beginning of August my parents came back in town for our annual family reunion and the blessing of Eli and Cambria. They were staying with me for about a week and half and packed in so much fun that they went home needing a vacation from their vacation!

One of the things we did while they were here was take them on the boat to Utah Lake. All day long the weather was up and down but when it came time to go it was warm and sunny. We headed out and the water was so choppy that all it was good for was some tubing. We got everyone on the tube and they all loved it!

Then the weather started to change and it got a bit colder and super windy. The water was so choppy that the boat was flying everywhere which made it impossible to get clear pictures.

Eric and Jason took the last run and Scott gave them quite the ride. It only lasted a few minutes before the both flew out of the tube!

At the end we stopped and took a snack break and Trey was being hilarious. He was making all sorts of faces and making us all laugh. He is quite the character!

As we came into the marina and loaded the boat up a storm started to come in just missing us. Even though the weather prevented us from doing anything but tube, my parents had the time of their life and loved every second of it! Priceless.

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