Saturday, August 16, 2014

4th of July

The night of Trey's birthday my parents came in town. This was their first time meeting baby Cambria and baby Eli. This is the only pic I got of that moment and its not the best but hey its something.

The next day was the 4th of July and boy what a day it was. We went from party to party and played all day long! We spent the afternoon up at Marnie and Paul's house in Hooper BBQing and swimming. It was such a hot day that everyone wished they were in the pool!

Tatum practicing his strokes...

After Marnie's we went straight up to Scott and Mary's for their annual giant slip n slide. My family got in on the fun this year and they all had a blast!

 The Grandpa's...

Trey started out very timid but quickly overcame it and was going down with no fear. Trey would grab the sled, walk all the way to the top and just start sliding down without a second thought!

This was Cambria's first holiday and as you can see she wasn't too happy.

This was such a fun filled day but by the end of it we were so wiped out and we still had fireworks to do!

The next morning was Noah's baptism. It was such a special day for him and the spirit was so strong. I can't even believe that next year its Tatum's turn, man time goes by fast!

On Sunday my parents went to church with us to see Noah get sustained. Shortly after they had to leave to get back home to California, but we snapped a few quick pics of them with all the grand kids...our family is really growing!

Its always hard to see them go but they will be back in one month for the blessing of these babies!

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