Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cedar Hills Days

The end of June always marks the best weekend of the year...Cedar Hills Days. I love this weekend so much and our family looks forward to it every year. Eric had to go to Scout camp during the first part of the festival so we missed the movie night in the park on Friday but he surprised us and came home early so that we could spend the day Saturday as a family.

We started the day off with the parade. We love this little parade! I didn't take any pictures during the parade but afterwards we always head over to the carnival. This year we bought day passes and spent the whole day playing games and riding the rides. The kids were in heaven! I didn't take any pictures of Cambria because shortly after arriving at the carnival she had a giant blow out and spent the rest of the day in a diaper. Awesome.

Tatum ran into a few friends from school and they went around like teenagers riding all the "big kid" rides. They're pretty tough...

Just after the sizzler ride they went on this ride and Gabe lost his lunch mid ride! Eric and I felt so sick just watching them on these rides.

Trey found his best little buddy Cole and they had a blast riding all of the little rides together. These boys are two peas in a pod and are so hilarious together.

This next part is my personal favorite. When it gets too hot the fire department gets out the hose and just pelts everyone with water. Tatum had the time of his life out there and it was so fun to watch!

Tatum also saw his little friend Lila and rode a few rides with her. So cute!

We ended the day with the best firework show in Utah! Its so fun to watch the fireworks with all of our neighbors from the comfort of your own backyard. Best Weekend Ever!

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