Friday, August 15, 2014

Trey is 4!

On July 3rd Trey turned 4! This boy is such a joy in our lives and I can't believe how big he is already.  We have had our struggles with this kid, to say the least, but I have never met another child that can make me laugh in the ways that Trey can. I could just watch him play all day long, he is so entertaining. And although he challenges me daily I wouldn't change a thing about this sweet little boy!

This week was a crazy one for us. We first had Eric's birthday on the 1st, then baby Lucy was born on the 2nd, Trey's birthday on the 3rd, then the 4th of July, and finally Noah's baptism on the 5th. We toyed with the idea of blessing Cambria on the 6th because my parents were in town, but with this crazy week there was no way I could make it work.

For Trey's birthday we had a bunch of his best friends come over for a water party. We borrowed our neighbors water slide and had sno cones and pizza. With Cambria only being 3 weeks old, I wanted to keep this party as simple as possible, so the kids just played outside the whole time in the water and sand box. Perfect!

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