Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Provo Temple Open House

On Friday my parents flew in town for the holiday weekend and we all decided to go see the Provo Temple. I had tickets for another day but we weren't able to get enough tickets for us all to go together. So we waited for the kids to get out of school and went down to see if we could get in the standby line. Man oh man it took forever! We waited at least 45 min in the standby line and then they moved us to the ticket line where we waited another 45 min. It was freezing cold because the line was in a parking garage and with 7 kids it was no easy task. But we made it and luckily my snacks lasted throughout the entire wait. The temple was beautiful of course and well worth the wait!

While we were in line Tatum lost a tooth! He just yanked it right out. Luckily I had a baggie to put it in and wipes to clean up the blood. It was kind of a crazy wait.


By the time we came out it was dark. Everyone in my pictures were dark but I love how the temple looks at night. It really is so beautiful!

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