Monday, November 19, 2012

A quick Midway trip

Last weekend we took a quick and last minute trip to Midway with some friends. Eric's best friend BJ married a girl from Argentina and her family invited us to stay in some cabins with them. We had a great time with them and ate some amazing food...those Argentinian's know how to cook! The boys had fun with the other kids that were there. Tatum spent some time playing the xbox and was surprisingly good at it!

Trey playing with his favorite person...

The next day we spent some at the crater and then went to a pond to see the ducks.

They built this new bridge over the crater that you can walk on and see all the way down below. Trey has this weird phobia of standing over empty space. He wouldn't walk over this bridge! Tatum thought it was pretty cool though.

Eric's best friend and his wife...

When we got to the pond Trey saw the ducks and ran for it. Eric was so scared they would attack him!

We found a friendly squirrel and fed it cookies. 

Tatum and his friend JJ...

And princess Sophie. This little girl was the happiest baby. I never heard her cry the whole time we were there! How do I get one like her?? Oh and that hair! She isn't even 1 yet and has had 2 haircuts!

We called her Dora because she looks just like Dora the Explorer.

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