Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Prep

The weekend before Halloween Tatum got really sick. He missed 3 days of school, had 2 doctors apts, missed our ward Halloween party and the primary program. I felt so bad for the kid that I tried so hard to make sure that he had a fun Halloween. 

Eric has been so busy with work lately that we didn't get the chance to carve pumpkins. So when Tatum got home from school I tackled the pumpkin carving on my own. Tatum wanted a scary tree for his pumpkin and drew out something similar to this.

 I attempted elmo for Trey's pumpkin and think it turned out alright.

Tatum wouldn't touch the pumpkin guts or help out in any manner, and since my boys are complete opposites, Trey couldn't get enough of the pumpkin!

The final product.

I love making cute treats for Halloween. Another day after school I made sugar cookies with the kids. I had Elan's kids over and the boys loved to decorate the cookies.

This year I made these chocolate covered oreos and planned to take them to our ward Halloween party... that we didn't go to. 

I ended up taking some to my beehive class and ate the rest ;) After all of this we were finally ready for the big day (which will be another post)!

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Frenchfam said...

such a good mom! The pumpkins looked great!