Thursday, November 11, 2010

..4 months old..

Yup this little man is 4 months old now!

Trey had his 4 month check and is growing like a weed.
Here are his stats:
weight: 13 lbs 12 oz (25%)
height: 25 3/4 in (75%)
head circ: 42.5 in (50%)

Looks like we have another tall and skinny kid on our hands!

Eric is so happy that he is finally starting to interact with us more and more. 
He jokes about newborns being "boring"... 
I on the other hand happen to LOVE the newborn stage.

 Trey absolutely loves his play mat. 
He can lay here and play for hours giving Mom a nice break!

Recently he started to sit in his Bumbo. 
 He hasn't mastered it yet, but he is getting so close!

This little bug loves to be cuddled. 
One of my favorite things about newborns is when they sleep on your chest. 
Trey will still do that and it just Melts My Heart!!

Such a happy boy!

And one more for fun.
This is what my boys did the other night...

watched Harry Potter, both with their blue blankies! 
Can you tell whose is newer??
What cute boys I have!


Melissa said...

He is soooo cute!

{ Marianne } said...

LOVE those stretchy blankets! They are the best and Logan and Jordynn prefer them still over any other blankets! Darling boys Elyse.