Saturday, June 14, 2008

3rd Times A Charm...Hopefully!

Yesterday Tatum came down with what we thought was a cold. It started out with a severe runny nose. Then during the night he woke up with a cough and his eyes were clogged up. When he woke up in the morning he couldn't even open his eyes! I took him into the Doctor's office and they said it was an eye infection and could be a sinus infection as well. To treat it they put him on eye drops and for the 3rd time this year he is on anti-biotics. This poor kid has been through a lot. Now to get all of the stuff out of his eyes we have to give him a bath or else he just screams. The infection is so bad that his eyes are all puffy and the Doctor said this was the worst they have seen in a while. To top it off we are leaving tomorrow for California. They said he would be fine after a few days so they aren't too worried about taking him. I am just worried about the plane ride there! I'm sure that he will be just fine and that we will even have a fun trip! We are spending 8 days in the nice warm weather and are planning on doing some major shopping, some beach trips, family pictures, and maybe even a Disneyland trip (all depending on how Tatum does).

Here is Tatum taking his medicine...what a good boy!

Look how sad he looks, it just kills me to see him like this...

So we will see you all in a week...and hopefully Tatum will be better by then!

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