Tuesday, April 19, 2011

...Love of the family...

We have had a very eventful week around here. 
On Saturday I just dropped my Mom off at the airport after having her for 9 whole days! 

My Family came in town on Thursday the7th. 
The next morning my Dad, little Sister and I got up early to go snowboarding.
On our way up the canyon I said to my Dad "Bet you anything Elan (my older Sister) is going to have the baby (due in a week) while we are gone and then Mom is going to be stuck at home with all 4 of the boys."
He said there was no way that was going to happen. 

We went for a few runs and then came to the lodge for a break.
I called Elan to see how she was doing and sure enough she was in the hospital and in labor!
All I had to say was "I told you so!" 

We only skied for half a day and then headed home, showered and headed to the hospital just in time to meet baby Allie!

After a quick hello, we ran back home picked up a few things and then  headed to Brigham City for my Grandpa's 90th Birthday party.

We showed up and realized it was only an adult party...I guess we missed the memo!
We still had a great time and enjoyed seeing the fam!

The next morning we went to see our nephew Hunter get baptized.

It was so great to be there for him on his big day!

Then the next morning (Sunday) we said goodbye to my Dad and lil' sis.
They had to get back to work and school but left my Mom to help with the new baby.
She definitely spoiled us while she was here and she spent every spare minute snuggling with this one...

...and chasing around these boys.

We love you Mom, and miss you already!

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