Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brandon Flowers

Back in December Eric went on a guys trip to Colorado and he took our small point and shoot camera with him. He got back from the trip and told me that he had some bad news and that he had lost our camera. We hardly ever use this camera so we weren't really concerned about the camera itself. 

The problem is that the week before we went to a Brandon Flowers concert and got to go backstage to meet him.  We got some pictures with him and the band and never downloaded them on our computer. We were so bummed when we came to this realization. 

Well on one of Eric's last nights in Colorado he took the camera and went to a church activity with his buddies. After this night he didn't remember seeing the camera. He thought by the time he was leaving it would turn up but it never did. 

Well Eric recently went over to his buddy's house and surprisingly he had our camera! Long story short, Eric left the camera at the church; someone found it in the lost and found then came out here to visit Eric's friend and brought the camera back. Crazy!

So without further adieu, our pictures from the concert...
For those of you who don't know who Brandon Flowers is... he is the lead singer for a little band called The Killers!  
We scored these tickets from Eric's awesome aunt Sallie.

Afterwords we got to go backstage to meet Brandon and the band.

This is the drummer for The Killers, Ronnie. He did one song at the end with Brandon. 

Ronnie was such a cool guy. He just sat and talked with us for like 30 min. Kind of embarrassing, but he kind of was hitting on me. Once he found out we were LDS he asked if I was interested in doing a reverse polygamy and he could be my second husband. Of course he was joking, but Eric sure thought it was pretty cool!

It was such a fun night and I am so glad that we have the pictures to remember it!

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