Thursday, June 9, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Our Memorial weekend was spent at our friends cabin in Logan. 
It is one of our favorite quick getaways and is always a blast spending time with our closest friends.

The beautiful "cabin". 

 While everyone played volleyball, Tatum had fun playing baseball. He discovered that he loves baseball. I think t-ball will be his next endeavor.

 Saturday was our 6th Anniversary and since we were with our friends we decided to celebrate the day before. We went to see Kung Foo Panda in 3D and went to a Tepanyaki steak house for dinner....both were so good!
On Saturday night we went into town to Olive Garden with the whole group.

 On Memorial Day we drove home and then went to Eric's parents for a BBQ.

We played some fun games like kick ball and red rover. 
Tatum was guarding 3rd base.

It is so impossible to get Tatum look at the camera. Look how good JJ poses...

and this is the best Tatum can do. Ugh!!

Tatum spent some quality time with his Great-Grandma Larsen. So Cute!

 We had such a wonderful Memorial Day this year!!

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