Friday, January 2, 2015

Breakfast with Santa

Last year we started a new tradition with the Larsen family. About a week before Christmas we take the kids to have breakfast with Santa. We show up in our PJ's and have a yummy breakfast as we wait our turn to go in and see Santa. The kids get to make some ornaments, decorate cookies, color and get their faces painted. All of this goes on while Buddy the Elf walks around entertaining everyone. It is such a blast and a special way to get the kids excited about Christmas. Trey didn't want his face painted and we made the mistake of doing the face painting before we saw Santa. Oh well the pics with Santa didn't turn out great anyways ;) Santa gave each of the kids a present and Cambria couldn't wait to open hers. She attacked the wrapping paper and opened it up like a pro!

Once again I am not in one single picture, that will be my resolution for the next year!

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