Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Visit to Santa

One night a few weeks before Christmas, the kids were being absolutely terrible. As I was attempting to put them to bed, they were doing everything possible to not listen to me and avoid going to bed. Over and over  I warned them that Elfie was going to report back to Santa and they wouldn't get anything for Christmas. Nothing worked. So the next morning the woke up to a warning from Elfie.

When the woke up and saw what happened they were in complete shock! They were so sad and worried that I decided to take them to see Santa himself. Cambria wanted nothing to do with him and within seconds of putting her on his lap she was in tears. It made for a classic Santa picture!

All day long the kids were on their best behavior and they worked so hard to be good so that Elfie could come home. When we got back from seeing Santa, we saw that Elfie came back and he brought the kids a present...Elf pajamas! They were so excited! I took advantage of the moment and snapped some pictures of the kids by the tree. I love seeing the magic of Christmas through my children's eyes. There is nothing quite like it!

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