Friday, January 25, 2008

GiRLs NiGhT!

Last night we had some of the neighborhood girls come over for a PuNk ROck NiGht. Everyone dressed up as punks and we played Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It was so funny to see all of these Moms dressed up and rockin' out to Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine!! We did a competition on Guitar Hero and my sister Elan won!! Also there was a prize for the best costume which went to Carrie Bischoff!!! All in all I think this night might just become a regular event. Sorry to those that couldn't come, I promise we will do this again!

The Whole "Band"....

The Finalist...Elan vs. Lindsey!

The Winners Elan and Carrie!

Steffanie's new calling is to be a drummer, she gets the award for best performance!!

Thanks everyone for such a fun night!!!

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