Sunday, January 4, 2009

::::Ring in the New Year::::

I feel so blessed and grateful that we have so many Friends and Family members close by that we are able to spend the Holidays with. We had a close group of friends over to celebrate the passing of 2008 and the fresh start of 2009! We enjoyed playing Rock Band and board games and treated ourselves to some delicious chocolate fondue!

{trading recipes with Syree}

{the boys...Don't ask why Zack's pants are falling down!}

{this is a perfect pic of Steve and Meg!}

{the whole group waiting for the ball to drop}

{Tatum kept trying to kiss Berkley}

{guess who stayed up?!?}

{and then crashed!}


{Jason and Elan} said...

We had a blast at your house. I'm glad that we came over. The nez layout looks cute!

Shannon Abbott said...

You are party people! Happy New Year!


hey dude

The Sundstrom's said...

Hey Girly!

Its Lacey & Carl. Your blog is adorable. What a cute fam you have. We need to get together again...after all....we are so close!!

Life of the LOW's said...

Oh look how much fun we all are. That picture of tatum in the box is so cute! We doing Grey's tomorrow?

Herry and Jayley said...

Not only did he crash-he crashed in a BOX. AWESOME!