Friday, February 6, 2009

Our busy week...

Here is our week in a nutshell:

  • On Tuesday January 27, 2009 Eric's high school buddy, Justin Erekson, passed away. He left behind a wife and a 20 month old baby girl. On Friday we went to his funeral and it was harder than I thought it would be. I hardly knew the kid, but I have always had a hard time at funerals. The worst part was watching little Jordan {his daughter} say goodbye to her Dad. I just lost it! I had to walk out of the room. Throughout the funeral I had a hard time and was a bit down just knowing that Jordan was going to go through life without her father. I brings tears to my eyes even thinking about Tatum going through that.

  • Well after the funeral a bunch of friends went to eat at Chili's. It was so nice to get out with them all and laugh and talk afterwards. During lunch I noticed that this Lady sitting across from me kept looking at me, but I didn't think anything of it. As we were leaving she called me over and appologized for staring. She said that she couldn't help but stare because she thought I looked so much like Rachel McAdams {For those of you who don't know her, she was in the Notebook, Mean Girls, and Red Eye}. She also said that I had such a cute personality. Although it was a bit creepy having this older lady admit to watching me, I was so flattered! I don't want this to be braggy, but it really made my day! I get so down after funerals and this Lady cheered me right up!

  • On Saturday night Tatum woke up and could hardly breath! He was wheezing and struggling so hard for was so scary! We were so close to taking him to the emergency room but really wanted to avoid that since it was 1:00 in the morning! We took him for walks outside, put him in the bathroom and turned on the shower, made his bed into a "tent" with his humidifier on, and gave him some decongestant to help the poor kid. I slept in his room on the floor during the night because I was so worried! During the day he was doing better, but last night was still a long night! We probably will have to take him to the doctor and he probably will get a shot of steroids!

  • We still don't have a car! I really try not to complain about it, but it has been really hard! We are doing our taxes today and then within the next week we will be re-financing our house and then we can get our car! It had to be done this way because if we got a loan for a car, then we wouldn't be able to get such a good interest rate on our home. And to prove how much we made last year, we have to get our taxes done first. It stinks, but I will be so grateful to FINALLY HAVE A CAR!!

  • My Mom called me and asked me if I want to start a business making cards. She always loves the cards that I make for her and wants to help me start a business in it. I told her that in Utah this sort of a thing is not in demand at all because everyone is so dang crafty! Well no one in California does this, so now I am making her dozens of cards and she is selling them to all of her friends. I am also making thank you cards for her dental office. It has really been keeping me busy!
  • On Sunday Eric's Great-Aunt passed away. It looks like with in the next week we will have another funeral to attend to :[

    *updated: Today {Thursday} Eric's other great-aunt passed away. She was his Grandma's last living sister. Could you imagine losing 2 sisters in 1 week? Well now we will have yet another funeral in the next week!*


annie said...

Oh my goodnes you have been busy. Im sorry you have to go to another funeral.
You do look alot like Rachael McAdams But i think your way cuter. I hope you little one feels better!!

{Jason and Elan} said...

Gooddness, you have been busy! That totally stinks that you have to go to another funeral. I always lose it at funerals no matter who the person is.
P.S.- Let's go to the dinosaur museum soon.

Jon, Markey & Bennett said...

It's funny how a random stranger can make your day. I wish I could be that person once in a while. If you ever need a ride please call me. I know what it is like to be stranded. Bennett and I are always up for outings.

{ Marianne } said...

That is so sad about the funeral of Eric's friend. That is my worst nightmare.

Speaking of celebrity look alikes I totally think you look like the True Beauty show host. Don't you?