Friday, October 16, 2009

[..The Yard..]

When we first bought our house there was an $1800 lien on the property because the back yard had never been landscaped. The house is 3 years old and the previous tenants never finished the yard. So we made a deal with the HOA and said we will have it done by the end of August if you drop the fees. They accepted! Well August came and went a lot faster than we expected so they said we could extend our deadline until the end of September. Well we finally finished the yard...for the most part! We planted 11 trees and seeded the whole yard with grass. It probably wont be until Spring when we can use our grass, but at least its done!

Here is what the yard looked like before. Such a mess! The original owners put all of these pavers in the yard but did a terrible job. We pulled all of them out and found a small cement patio underneath!

My Father-in-law owns an excavating company so we had all sorts of tractors and dump trucks to use. Tatum loved having tractors at his house everyday. He was in Heaven.

I can't believe how much bigger our yard feels now. We don't have a very big lot, our house sits on about .16th of an acre. We are glad to have a yard, coming from a townhome, but are also glad to have a small one after realizing how much work it takes.

This tree is my favorite. It is a Bird Cherry tree which will have beautiful blossoms in the Spring. Every time I walk by my front door I look out the window and see this tree. I love it!


Carly said...

Wow! That looks great! It is Jeff's dream to own several acres but after having to manage even what we have now, I am thinking the townhouse was kind of nice. :-)

stephanie said...

Wow! Everything looks great!

{ Marianne } said...

That is what we have to look forward to again in the spring. I think we should stop moving. You guys did a great job on the yard! Oh and don't be mad but Tatum totally could pull off being a girl in those pig tails. I had to take a double look when I first saw him in the picture. Too funny!
ps: did you ever find a quilt for his room or did you end up making one. Miss you! I should call you sometime!