Tuesday, October 6, 2009

[..I {heart} fall..]

I seriously can not believe that it is fall already! I do not love the fact that summer is over and that it is all of the sudden super cold! I do not love that we have already turned our heater on and that we live by our fireplace! And lastly I do not love that on the last day of September it totally snowed at my house!!! However, I do love the scenery, the smells and the decor that come with fall! Fall is the best time of the year because it lets me know that the holidays are just around the corner!

Today I took Tatum up the canyon to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the nice weather. I got a few good shots of the fall colors before Tatum wanted to go home.


Life of the LOW's said...

Elyse, that first picture is AMAZING. Like really, I want a copy so I can frame it... How was the weekend?

..[eLySe].. said...

Meg you can totally have a copy of that picture! Maybe I will bring it to you on our next Grey's night!