Saturday, September 17, 2011

St. George

Has it really taken me a month to post a weeks worth of vacation??!? 
I am pretty pathetic. 
But in my defense I have been swamped with my decor blog, Tatum's preschool (which  I am teaching), cleaning my house and chasing around Trey who is now mobile on his feet. 

So now I will conclude our California trip with St. George.
On our way to Cali we stayed the night in St. George with our friends Scott & Natalie. 
They put us up for the night in this beautiful gated community.

In the morning we went to the pool and did a bit of swimming.

Of course the boys make everything a competition to see who could be more crazy.

I love Natalie in the background, so calm, as if this is an every day thing!

I promise he landed on his feet.
The boys gave us a few scares, but no one was hurt!
I got some really funny pics of them but decided not to embarrass them any further :)

Of course anywhere we go we must find some sort of creature to entertain the kids.

Angeline and Tatum each had their own pet frog and would take turns "babysitting" each others while the other swam. It was pretty funny, only occasionally we would find a frog floating upside down in the pool!

After our trip to Cali we stopped in St. George for a weekend with my family.
We spent a day up at Cedar Breaks by Brianhead to check out these amazing views:

Elan with Allie.
Elan left Jason and the boys at home and came down for a girls weekend!

Me with my boys.
Eric stayed at the condo to do some work.

Tatum was out of control hyper the whole time!

My cute Mom and Dad

My lil sis' sporting my Mom's glasses.

My best friends


{Jason and Elan} said...

you took some great pics! You should send Mom and dad a copy of their is so cute!

Frenchfam said...

Okay I would DIE if my husband was doing flips like that!!! And second, the stripe shirt you have on, did you get it at American Eagle??? It totally looks like mine from there!

{Elyse} said...

Katie, I think my shirt was from forever 21...I'm not sure though, I have had it for a while now :)