Tuesday, September 6, 2011


While in Cali we decided to take the boys to Disneyland.
It was Tatum's 4th trip and Trey's 1st!

Here are our millions of photos from the day...

The tram ride in

The carousel

Alice in Wonderland

The castle

Busy Main Street

Cute Trey

Tatum was picked to make silly faces during the Monsters inc show

We had to stop and see Pluto. 
Trey just kept yelling "Dog Dog".

I love Trey's face in this picture

We met up with Katie's brother Robbie

And we met our friends for lunch at House of Blues. 
Luke and Trey had so much fun playing in the fountain.

California Adventure

On the new Little Mermaid ride

Trey's favorite thing was the petting zoo

Tatum was picked for the Jedi Training and got to fight Darth Maul

and Darth Vadar

After completing his Jedi training he was awarded an official certificate. 
You should have seen him strut around the park like he was untouchable!

Now that he was a real Jedi he was brave enough to go on Star Tours. 

and loved it so much he had to go on it twice!

By the end of the day we all were exhausted!


B and C said...

OMG Elyse I love this post. All the pictures urned out so good, so fun to look through. Brandon and I love to watch the kids in the Jedi training, so lucky Tatum got picked. So fun we got to meet up for lunch while you were here, I love that picture of Luke and Trey. Hope to see you when we are in town next week.

{Elyse} said...

Aw thanks Christine! It was such a fun day and so good to see you!