Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Knotts Berry Farm

While in Cali we opted to go to Knotts Berry Farm instead of our normal Disneyland trip. It turned out to be a fraction of the price and there was probably only 400 people in the whole park, which made it even more awesome! This place had rides for everyone, kid rides, thrill rides and the more extreme rides for me :) 
Here is some more picture overload...

Trey was hilarious the whole time. We would put him on a ride, any ride, and he would sit through it straight faced. We could not get him to crack a smile!

This next picture is so funny to me because of the look on Trey's face. He does this look daily when he really is trying not to smile.

We ran into some mean ol' cowboys

Tatum found out his all time favorite ride was the log ride. We went on it about 3 times and he wouldn't stop talking about it the rest of the day, week, MONTH!

Tatum loves maps. He acted as our tour guide for the day.

During this trip Eryn realized that she loves roller coasters and we couldn't get her off of them :)

Eric took the boys to the Charlie Brown show while Eryn and I rode some rides.The characters here are pretty lame compared to Disneyland!

We had a great time...such fun memories!

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