Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Abalone Cove

Every time we visit Cali Eric wants to find some tide pools.  We finally looked up where one was and made our way down to Abalone Cove. There is a small hike to get to the tide pools but the kids did great and it was well worth it. The views alone were breathtaking!

View from the hike in

We found all sorts of creatures. Everywhere you looked or stepped was alive!

This crab was hiding under a rock and when Eric lifted it he came running out. The boys thought it was so cool!

This next photo is kind of cool.

See the small stream of water? Its called a sea squirt. I kept getting squirted by something and finally a random guy told me its called a sea squirt. Kind of weird, but still cool.

A family shot, Trey looks so bored!

Doing what we do best...throwing rocks and running!

This place will probably become a frequent visit spot on our Cali vacations. We all we entertained for hours and it didn't cost a penny :)

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