Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No training wheels!

Yesterday was kind of a big deal at our house....Tatum learned to ride with no training wheels! We started Tatum off with this Strider bike a few weeks ago which made the transition so much easier!

This bike was the best thing ever, I highly recommend it! It has no pedals which is great for teaching kids how to balance on their own. It only took Tatum a few weeks on this bike before he was ready to switch to a 2 wheeler.

We took the training wheels off his bike and Eric told him what to do and he did it on his first try!

Here is a video of Tatum riding for the first time!

After this Tatum was riding like a pro. I was following him in the street when he got ahead of me and I couldn't catch up. I ran after him but soon he was out of my sight. I started to panic a bit because I couldn't find him when I turned around and he was coming from the opposite direction. He had gone completely around the block and when I asked him where he went he said he went all the way around the block and stayed in the road the whole time!! Ya we had to have a talk about street safety after that :)

During all of this Trey was so cute playing on the sidewalk. He kept pulling this wagon back and forth and got the biggest kick out of it.

We then lowered the seat to the strider bike and put Trey on it and much to my surprise he could do it!

Looks like this kid will be riding a bike in no time :)


{ Marianne } said...

That is on our to do list this summer. We just need summer to come so we can get to work on it. Go Tatum!

Melissa and Jeff said...

I always wondered how well those strider bikes worked and if they were worth it... Thanks for the post, I will totally check into the bike for my girls next year.

Frenchfam said...

that's awesome!