Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Big Pimpin'

With Tatum in school all day, Trey has been a little lonely. All day long he asks me where his "brother Tatum" is. 

The first few days I would call Trey to the table for lunch and he would tell me we can't eat because Tatum isn't here. Poor little guy. It was a rough few weeks for him. 

I started to set up play dates for Trey as often as possible and signed him up for gym to keep him occupied. Trey has two little girl friends that he plays with regularly and I can't get over how cute they are together! 

One day Charlee was over and it got really quiet. When I went looking for them, I found them snuggled up together playing the ipad. It was so cute that I had to run and grab my camera.

The face Trey is making in the next picture is such a "Trey face".

It looks like Charlee is strangling Trey, but really she is giving him a hug :)

Another day Trey had Emmy over and I came upstairs to find them reading books together. I love to capture my kids with their friends, its such a fun memory.

And speaking of books...

This is a regular thing at our house. For some reason Trey can't just grab one book at a time, but has to dump out the whole shelf. 
One day I will look back and laugh at the messes Trey makes. One day...

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