Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A little randomness

In September we spent a weekend at our friends cabin in Logan Canyon. We have been going to this cabin at least once a year since before Eric and I had kids. This trip was super low key with only 3 couples, all of which had kids. It rained the whole time we were there so I hardly got the camera out, but Eric spent most of his time fly fishing on the Logan river while my boys loved playing with Stryder every possible second. Cambria played with her friend Lucianna and I got a lot of quiet reading time in. So peaceful and relaxing.
On our way home from the cabin we stopped in Logan to visit my Grandpa Bradley. It was so wonderful to see him and meet his new wife. That's right my sweet 93 year old grandpa married again (for the 4th time) last year.
In other news, Cambria turned 3 months old. Time is sure flying by with this little angel. All 4 of us can't get enough of her and fight over who gets to hold her. Cambria discovered that she loves her play mat and spends a lot of time chatting away while playing on it. She has quite a little voice. She sings and talks all day long. Cambria is such a good baby and seriously NEVER cries. I can probably count on one hand the number of times Cambria has really cried. She also sleeps all night long. She takes a lot of cat naps during the day (probably because she spends so much time in her carseat) but she sleeps about 11 hours at night like a champ!
I take way too many pics of this little girl. I have a problem, I know.

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