Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fairview Cabin

Over fall break we decided we needed a little break of our own and headed to the Larsen cabin with Eric's family. We thought we would be there just in time to see the beautiful fall leaves but soon realized we were a little late and had just missed the vibrant fall colors. It was a major disappointment!

We still made the most of it and the kids spent every waking moment playing with their cousins. This headbands game was the favorite for the trip.

A cabin just up the road has this cute little playground and the owners let the kids play on it while we were there. They named it Coconut Land. It was my favorite moment the entire weekend.

We also went for many rides in the rhino while there. Trey at first didn't want to even go there but all it took was one ride and he was hooked!

And it wouldn't be a cabin trip without guns and fishing. I was dying watching Trey shoot the bb gun.

The rest of our time was spent hanging out inside reading and watching movies. The kids also made some forts out of tree branches and spent hours playing in them. I love how creative these kids are when they are together. Not one minute is wasted and they hardly spend time on ipads or phones.

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