Sunday, November 30, 2014


Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. I know its kind of a silly holiday; dress up, go door to door and ask for candy, stay home and pass out candy...ya its weird. But our neighborhood is the place to be on Halloween and truly makes the holiday so much fun! Our neighborhood is something out of a movie. Everyone is out and about, the streets are packed and everyone knows everyone. So fun! We have a hand full of neighbors that go all out including homemade donuts, hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn and of course Eric's haunted house. He turned our garage into an awesome spook ally and it had quite the turnout, even some adults were too scared to go in!

And what is Halloween without pumpkin carving? Although I don't particularly love the tradition of carving pumpkins, its something the kids love so we had to follow through. All of Eric's family got together to carve pumpkins this year. Tatum designed and carved his very own pumpkin this year. I was so proud of him doing it all by himself and think it turned out great!

Elan made Cambria this adorable little skirt for Halloween. 
She looked so cute and festive that I had to take a picture.

For Halloween we had two Ninja Turtles and one adorable little owl.
 It was so fun to add in some pink this year!

I was worried about it being cold and the boys having to fuss with these masks all night, so Aunt Rachel came to the rescue and made them these cute beanies.  Turns out they didn't need them after all since it was such a warm night :)

This pic made me laugh, so typical...Trey loving on Cambria and her getting annoyed!

All 3 as good as it gets. Such fun memories from this Halloween!

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