Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Tooth Fairy

While Tatum was out Trick or Treating, he lost his first tooth! Right before he went out for the night, he was outside playing with some friends. He came inside with a bloody mouth saying that he got elbowed by a friend. His tooth had been super wiggly prior to this but now it was barely hanging on. I asked Tatum if I could just yank it out but of course he wasn't too keen on the idea. 

While he was out Trick or Treating he kept playing with it and twisting and pulling it. And sure enough it finally came out. The rest of the night Grandpa Scott and had to hold on to that tooth until we got home and could put it safely in his tooth fairy pillow.

That night Tatum asked if he could ask the tooth fairy to leave some fairy dust with his money. We left a note asking and sure enough in the morning Tatum woke up to $5 and tiny bag of fairy dust. He is one lucky boy :)

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