Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hawaii: Day 3 and 4


Today was another fun packed day. We got loaded up to head to the beach and on our way we pulled off the side of the road to check out a lava tube. A lava tube is pretty much a huge cave filled with lava rock that once was occupied by flowing lava. We climbed through all the way through it careful not to fall...those rocks are sharp! (not the best pictures since they were taken by my phone)

Afterwards we headed to my favorite beach on the whole island...Kaupulehu Beach. To get to this beach you have to go through the Four Seasons Resort and since none of the beaches are privately owned, we were able to spend the day there. This beach is what I imagine when I think of Hawaii. No one was there and we saw more turtles just basking in the sun.

After a good sun soak, we walked around the Four Seasons Resort to see if we could spot any celebrities. This resort is where all of the billionaires and famous people stay when they come to Kona. It is sooo nice! We didn't luck out on the celebrity sighting but we did enjoy a nice walk right along the ocean there and back.

After some lunch we headed to one more spot for the day...Pololu Valley. This was another favorite spot of mine. We drove as far north on the island as you can go, seriosuly the road ends and you have to hike down this steep mile long trail to get there. But it was so worth it to see the most amazing scenery ever!

Cambria was a trooper and loved to hang out in her carrier with me.


Today we took it easy compared to other days. Cambria has been fighting a virus and didn't sleep well the night before. All signs pointed to her having pneumonia but when I called the dr they said it was probably just a virus and to just keep an eye on it for a few days before taking her in. We called the local missionaries over to give her a blessing so that we all could enjoy the rest of the trip. After lunch she was improving so we headed to the beach. We can't waste even a minute right?!? We went to Kahaluu beach which is a great spot for snorkeling and surfing. The communitee was doing some research and tagging turtles so yet again we got a first hand glimpse of some turtles.

Our usual setup...

Cambria's one and only nap for the day, and it was only 15 minutes!

Eric and I were constantly amazed at how easy it is to access these beaches. Literally the beach is right off the road. In California we always have to trek a half a mile in sand to get to the water. Once again we are in awe of this incredible island!

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