Friday, February 20, 2015

Hawaii: days 1 and 2

For Christmas Eric and I decided to forgo gifts for each other and instead booked a trip to Hawaii! This year will be our 10 year anniversary and we really wanted to go somewhere special. We looked up prices online and were blown away at the cheap airfare. We called our buddy that lives in Kona and he told us not to hesitate and book ASAP because the fares were lower than he has ever seen in the 5 years he has lived there. So we bit the bullet and booked it for the end of January. We took baby girl with us because she is such an angel baby and so easy to take places. The boys got to spend 8 whole days with Grandma Mary and were in HEAVEN!


(This is my journal so I have a TON of pictures and stories to go along with them)

Our trip started out bright and early on the 26th, like 4:30am early! We flew to San Francisco and then on to Kona from there. Cambria got her first trip on an airplane and did awesome! Eric on the other hand felt sick the whole flight. We got lucky enough to have an empty seat next to us, so Cambria got her own seat. She hardly made a peep the whole flight and everyone around us was so impressed!

Once we landed Eric and I couldn't believe how humid it was. We were instantly sweating and couldn't wait to get settled and change our clothes. Good thing Adam only lives 10 minutes from the airport. We got settled and then went to Costco to stock up for the week and grab a quick bite to eat. Then he took us down to Energy beach to walk around and give Cambria her first taste of the ocean. That night we cooked up some ribs for dinner while we watched the sunset. 


This day was so fun! We hopped in Adam's convertible and headed to a great snorkel spot called "Two-Step". It has two steps made out of rock that make it easy to get in and out of the water. This spot was so amazing. The views were incredible, the water was warm and there were turtles just hanging out!

While Eric was out snorkeling, Cambria played in the water and got her first taste of sand. Needless to say she didn't like it. When Eric got back, it was my turn to snorkel. I was a bit nervous to try it but Adam gave me a boogie board which helped a ton. I had such a good time out there and even got to see an eel! I may sound cheesy but the snorkeling showed us a whole new world under water. That was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

After Two-Step we drove to a place called "end of the world" where Eric and Adam went cliff jumping. To get to the cliff you walk by the Lekeleke  Burial Grounds. Back in 1820 there was a war on this island that was fought right here on these grounds. Since its all lava rock, they couldn't bury their dead. Instead they just covered them with lava rock. 

We got to the cliff and Eric and Adam jumped off a point that was about 35 feet high. I was holding the baby and was to scared to try, but I was able to capture it on video.

We finished off the night with watching the sunset at Energy beach and then dinner at Splashers with a great view of the ocean.

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