Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trey's First Date

Well I sure didn't think I would be blogging about this moment in Trey's life for at least 10 more years, but the day has come for Trey to go on his very first date. Emmy and Trey have been best friends since Emmy came to visit Trey in the hospital when he was born. These two talk about marrying each other all the time. On this day Emmy got a fancy dress on and set the table outside for her and Trey to go on a date. She came to our house to get Trey but he was at a friends house. She kept trying to get Trey to come outside and finally that evening he was home. He got cleaned up a bit and the older kids gave him some flowers to give to Emmy. He drug his feet a little but finally went out to see Emmy. It was the cutest thing watching him give her the flowers and sit and eat dinner together.

Afterwards when I was putting Trey to bed I asked him how his day was and this was how he replied: "It was the dumbest day ever. Its no fair that Tatum didn't have to go on a date!" He fooled me into thinking he was having fun because he was all smiles during their "date". Anyways, we got some cute pictures and one day it will be so fun to look back on his first date.

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