Wednesday, August 27, 2008

EiGhtEen MoNthS

I can not believe that my not so {LiTtle} boy is 18 months old today. He is growing and learning so fast that I can hardly believe my eyes. I can't get enough of this kid...everyday he amazes me. He is the smartest kid with the best personality and you can't tell me that this isn't the cutest face ever!!

He is our little sponge. We really have to watch ourselves now because he will copy any thing that we say. For example: I am always trying to tell Tatum "Good Job" when he does something good. Well the other day he was in my bathroom stacking my hair spray bottles and after each one he added he would say "Yay, GoOd JoB". Some of my other favorite words he says are Memo {Nemo}, Outside, Pa-Pa {Grandpa}, Where'd it go? and I just love all of his animal sounds. He is the sweetest boy and is always happy. I just love my little TaTeR-Tot!

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