Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One {CrAzY} Week!

This last week has been kind of crazy for us. Heres what we have been up to...

As you all know, Tatum has been teething. This last week he has gotten 4 teeth... 2 of which are molars!! The poor kid wouldn't eat or sleep and just wanted to be held. Thank goodness for Motrin and Teething Tablets!

I have never been way into sports like Eric, but this last week I have spent all of my free time watching the Olympics! I have watched everything from Fencing to Gymnastics. My favorite is Womens Beach Volleyball...Misty May and Kerri Walsh are awesome!

And because of the Olympics, it took me a while to finish Breaking Dawn...which I thought was a perfect ending to the series!

Eric got his motorcycle. After a whole lot of protesting, I gave in! He got it from his Dad, so naturally we are getting a great deal on it! Tatum has loved riding on the motorcycle. He calls it a "Vroom-Vroom".

We went with some neighbors to the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. It is so beautiful there. Tatum had so much fun splashing in the fountains with all the other boys. The all were soaked by the end of the day!

And Tatum got a sand box for the back yard. He could spend hours outside playing in it. Tatum and Dad had fun making sand castles together. Although he has had it for a week, he still is a little hesitant getting all the way in.

And the best part?? Tatum will be 18 months old in a week...which means only one more week until he goes into nursery!!

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