Thursday, September 11, 2008

- - I Remember - -

I know this may be cheesy to do a post about 9/11 but it seriously is on my mind every year on this day! During the weeks leading up to the anniversary I always watch all of the specials on the Discovery channel and the History channel. I get so intrigued by them and can't stop watching. Every year I think about where I was when it first happened and I can remember it as if it were Yesterday.
4 Years ago my best friend Kassy and I picked up and flew to New York on an impulse and happened to be there for the 3 year anniversary. It was an experience I will never forget! All of the family members of those who died were there and there were flowers and notes that lined the memorial.

The Governor of New York was there reading off the names of all of the victims and everyone was in tears. It was such an emotional moment. Below is a picture of Ground Zero, it really was just a hole in the middle of all these buildings.

I stood down an alley way that I vividly remember from a bystanders video and I could just picture people running towards me in front of a massive cloud of smoke. It all was a bit surreal to me! I really am so thankful for this experience because it helps me to never forget that tragic day!!

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