Monday, September 15, 2008

[[[ Utah State Fair ]]]

Every year Grandpa Larsen takes all the grandchildren to the Utah State Fair. This year Tatum enjoyed it so much more than last year. He loved the animals and could tell what each animal was and what sound they made.

There was an area for kids where they would walk through and pretend they were farmers. Each kid would put on an apron and get a basket. Then they would put corn in their basket,

Pick an apple from the tree,

Plant some seeds,

Ride the "Tractor" around,

and at the end they got $1 to spend on cookies and milk!

We then went over to the stadium because Eric's Dad wanted to watch the tractor pull. It turns out that Eric's cousin was competing in the stock truck pull and was last to go. Everyone before him could only get about 150 feet and then he goes and blows them all out of the water...he got 190 feet, winning 1st place!! Way to go "Honkie"!!

We sat and watched almost the entire show, it was really entertaining. We didn't leave until 10:00pm and surprisingly Tatum sat and watched the whole thing! We felt a little bit like Rednecks and made jokes about Tatum fitting right in with his mullet!!

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