Wednesday, November 11, 2009

[..gYm cLaSs..]

I recently signed Tatum up for a little gymnastics class. I figured throughout the winter this will be a nice chance to get out and play with other kids. So far Tatum has gone to 3 classes and totally LOVES it! After his 1st class we got in the car and he said "that was fun Mom!" That alone made it worth every penny!

His favorite part are the rings. At first he needed Miss Heather to help him, but now he can conquer them on his own! They are working hard every week to get ready for a Christmas program in December. Its so cute to see a bunch of 2 year olds walking on beams and trying to do cartwheels. I feel like such a soccer mom already :)


Shannon Abbott said...

That looks like fun! I was going to do that with Zac in Jan.

{ Marianne } said...

So jealous. I want to put Logan in a gym class now. That looks so fun!