Monday, January 3, 2011

...Christmas Vacay...

Here is a run down of our Christmas Vacation...

{Christmas Eve}

We spent Christmas Eve at the Wilson's.

We enjoyed a HUGE dinner, a Christmas program and opening presents.

That night we went home and opened our Christmas jammies, put cookies out and read stories about Santa.
Tatum went to bed to the sound of reindeer on our roof, compliments of Uncle Jake.
Its so fun to re-live the magic of Christmas through your Children's eyes!

{Christmas Day}

This year we woke up Christmas morning alone in our home, which was a first.
We had a nice relaxing morning with homemade cinnamon rolls and we stayed in our jammies almost all day long.

Ahh the joy of Christmas!

I gave each of the kids their own homemade gift.
Tatum's was a batman blanket and pillow...

and Trey's was a wobbie...

Santa was also very generous this year.
He brought us a 3D TV!! Pretty much the coolest thing EVER!

Christmas Day was spent with Eric's family.
Lunch at Uncle Steve's house and then dinner at his parents.
Then the kids stayed at Grandma's house that night for a sleepover.

The day after Christmas my family came in town.
It was so nice to spend some quality time with both sides without feeling rushed.

The whole time Logan snacked on Tatum's gingerbread train. Funny kid!

These next pictures explain why our kids are spoiled!
(It was probably the most foggy night we have ever had, so the pictures aren't great.)

We took them outside in front of the garage and told them their present from Grandma and Grandpa was inside.
Then we opened the garage and their reaction was priceless!!

Yup they each got a....


What did I say? Spoiled!

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