Thursday, January 20, 2011

...Mini Face-lift...

When we moved into our home, we had very little furniture.
We came from a townhouse and the only furniture we brought with us fit perfectly in our tiny front room.

In our townhouse I loved these couches because they looked great with my green accent wall. Here our walls are tan and I wasn't diggin the tan on tan on tan in this room.
Every time I walked into our home this room would depress me.

So I decided to make a few minor changes to brighten up this room.
Here is the room now...

Not a lot changed, but enough to make me happy.
First I put up some beautiful silk drapes.

Next I made some pillow cases to cover the ugly brown and green ones from before.

The flower ones are my favorite.
They took a bit of effort to make, but I think they add so much character.

I love how the pillows tie in with my peonies.

And the whole reason behind this blog is to have this book...

Now the only thing this room needs is an updated family pic...sorry Trey!


Geoff, Becky and Macie said...

Where did you do your blog book? I have been wanting to do one, but don't know where to start!!

{ Marianne } said...

Looks great Elyse. I just made a flower for my pillows too. I'll have to post it. Everything you do it perfect Elyse!

..[eLySe].. said...

I have made a few books. My 2007 and 2008 book was made by blurb which I found to be the cheapest. My 2009 book was done with picaboo which I loved. They are more pricey but I think its worth it. Plus if you shop around you usually can find incredible deals. Like Picaboo had a deal where you buy a $100 gift card for only $25. So I bought that and waited until Christmas to buy my book because they do 30% off. So my book would have been well over $100 but ultimately turned out to be $25!

Jon, Markey & Bennett said...

How did you make those flower pillows. I would love a little tutorial.

LJ said...

do you take your own photos?
What camera do you use?