Thursday, July 14, 2011

Real Salt Lake

Recently we got the chance to go to a Real Salt Lake soccer game.
Eric got some tickets through a client of his, and let me tell you, they were good tickets! 

We entered in our own special entrance and got taken to our seats through the same tunnel the players come out in. We got comfy chairs with free drinks and popcorn. When we found our seats the most random thing happened. We got put directly next to our good friends Scott and Natalie!

It just so happened to be Natalie's Birthday, and it was so nice to celebrate with them.

Eric is a huge Real fan, he sported his Real hat complete with signatures from the whole team:

and he kept taking pictures of the players.
I don't know enough about the team to tell you who these players are:

While we were taking this picture we scored a goal!

After the game we got to go down to the field and take some pictures.

Such a fun night

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Carrie said...

That's so fun that you were able to sit next to them! What are the odds?