Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

Our Valentines was very low key this year. Having two rambunctious kids kind of makes it hard to go out on Valentines Day. My sweet Mother-in-Law offered to watch our kids but we decided to stay home and have a nice dinner together as a family. 

Here are Tatum's Valentines we made this year...

Eric had to work all day, so I thought I would try documenting a typical day at our house. And here is a day in the life of Tatum and Trey (pretty much all we did on Valentines Day). 

The kids woke up to streamers and balloons everywhere and little surprises at the table.

I made a delicious breakfast for everyone...seriously it was so YUM!

We spent the morning playing wii and games together.

Trey learned to take his socks off...I don't know why this was so funny to me :)

Then after lunch we moved on to coloring. Trey also has learned to take off his pants!

Grandma then dropped off some cute goodies for the kids.

Then Tatum watched a show and totally past out on the couch.

Meanwhile Trey needed a snack and made a HUGE mess of his yogurt! Pretty typical.

Of course I had to strip Trey down to clean him up. He then found a balloon and seriously played with it for an hour! I just waited for that balloon to pop...surprisingly it never did.

Soon after Eric got home and I made him a yummy dinner. I found some recipes off pinterest for chicken curry and mango sticky rice and wanted to try them out. They were sooo good!

That pretty much sums up our Valentines. The kids went to bed and Eric and I stayed up watching some of our favorite shows. Nice and quiet!

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Frenchfam said...

wow Tatum is looking SO MUCH like you! And I must say it's all super cute! you are a great mommy! P.S. I'm SO jealous of your double oven! We so want one!