Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ski Day

For Christmas Eric and I got season passes to Sundance. We were so excited to start going and thought since kids are free that it would be a good time to start Tatum skiing. We picked a warm sunny day to take Tatum up with us. 

Getting ready to start...

We started at the bottom of the hill and just strapped Tatum in and pulled him around to get a feel for it. He was a bit scared at first, but soon realized this could be fun.

Once he was comfortable, we hiked up to the bunny hill.

Eric was so good with Tatum. Eric and I both snowboard so its hard to be strapped in to teach a kid to ski. Eric had to carry Tatum to the top and then run behind him holding onto his leash.

Tatum quickly got the hang of it and soon had a great time. He only had a few moments that scared him, but overall he was really brave!

This next one made me laugh...

We taught Tatum to slow down by putting his skis in a "big pizza". In no time he was skiing like a pro with his hands on his hips and all.

Overall the day was a success and Tatum cant wait to go again!!

I'm so proud of my little skier!

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