Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Day of School...Ever!

Since I knew this last year would be my last having Tatum home with me, I decided to do Preschool with him at home. It was a lot of fun and totally worth all the hard work but Tatum was so ready to be out of the house for school. So when the time finally came for him to go to Kindergarten you can imagine how excited he was! 

I took these pictures all on his first day of school and it shocks me to see him so grown up!

For Kindergarten Tatum goes to Cedar Ridge Elementary and has Mrs. Reiber. A few months ago I got up at 5 in the morning to stand in line to request this teacher and was so glad that Tatum got her for a teacher.

After his first day I asked Tatum how school was and he said "it was the best day ever!"  He made a new friend his first day named Cody and he was so excited to see 4 of his neighborhood friends in his class.

Good job bud on your first day of school! 
I hope your excitement continues for many years to come!

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