Thursday, October 25, 2012

Date to Sundance

The other we had such nice weather and knew that it would be one of the last warm days for a while. So Eric decided to take the day off and take me on a motorcycle ride to Sundance. We live right next to American Fork Canyon and wanted to ride through the canyon to Sundance to see all of the beautiful leaves. It was so much fun! The leaves were so bright and colorful and the weather was just perfect!

We got up to Sundance and since we have season passes we decided to ride the ski lift to the top to see the views. There are trails all over the mountain, and in the Summer people ride the lift and cycle down the hill.  It looks like a lot of fun, maybe next year I will be brave enough to try it!

The ride down was a bit scary because this part is extremely steep...

After we rode the lift we had to hurry home before it got dark. On our way we found some other motorcyclist and it was fun to ride with them. I took this picture from my phone, good thing we weren't going very fast :)

It was such a fun spontaneous date and I'm so glad that we finally did it. I love taking advantage of the wonderful resources around us.

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