Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trey turns 3

On July 3rd my baby boy turned 3! Since 2 days earlier was Eric's birthday and the next day was the 4th, I tried to keep his birthday simple. In the morning Trey woke up to the usual balloons and streamers. 

Inside each balloon was a dollar, one for each year. He had fun popping them and I was a bit nervous watching him with that pen!

After breakfast we took the kids to the zoo.

Trey's favorite was the gorilla and the elephants.

Eric and Tatum have such a love for birds that we couldn't miss the bird show.

Tatum got picked to be a volunteer.

The lady put food in his hand and this bird flew onto his arm. He didn't even flinch!

Because he was so brave they gave Tatum a free pass to ride the carousel.

We made a few more stops before ending our long and tiring day at the zoo.

After the zoo we rushed home and only had 2 hours before Trey's party. Trey wanted a Toy Story party and in those 2 hours I whipped together his cake.

We opened presents...

and sang...

and crashed at the end of a successful day! I can't believe this boy is already 3...that was the fastest 3 years of my life!

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