Saturday, July 20, 2013

Little man riding his bike

For a while Trey struggled with riding his bike. He would get on it and try and try to get the peddles to move with no success. But finally just before he turned 3 he hopped on his bike and something just clicked. Not only did he figure out the peddles, he picked it up so fast! Before we knew it this little boy was riding in circles, going down the curb and even riding with no hands! He is pretty fearless. If he falls, he doesn't cry, he just gets back up and keeps going. Now that he is a pro, it is almost impossible to get him off of his bike!

I love that he has gotten so good at riding his bike. One our favorite things to do as a family is all ride our bikes to the clubhouse to get ice cream. I love that we have something we all can do together.

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