Friday, May 23, 2014


We had a very busy Easter Holiday with a thousand pictures to prove it.
 It started off with a neighborhood egg hunt in our backyard.
Each kid got to find 10 eggs and the entire thing was over in about 10 minutes. 
It was nice and simple.

Then we headed off to an egg hunt in Lehi. One of Eric's clients put this together and he went all out...
bounce houses, The Easter Bunny, Elsa and Anna painting faces, doughnuts and 2 huge egg hunts. The kids loved it!

After that we headed up to Grandma Mary's for a bbq and our 3rd egg hunt for the day.
Grandpa was in charge of the egg hunt and did a great job. Each kid had their own egg color to find and the older kids had to search high and low for theirs. Some eggs had money or candy and the golden egg was traded into to Grandma for a special prize.

The kids got slinky's for their prize and they all had so much fun with them.

The next morning was Easter Sunday. 
Trey woke up and got himself dressed before anyone else was awake. 
I love his choice of clothes.

Poor Tatum could not find his basket for the life of him. He looked everywhere but the silly Easter Bunny hid it pretty hard. Trey found his really fast which discouraged Tatum even more. After a pretty good meltdown/fit we helped him find his basket hanging in the coat closet just in time to get ready for church. 

After church it was time to head to Grandma Wilson's for dinner and yet another egg hunt. I didn't get any pictures there but when we got home I realized I didn't take any pictures of the boys in their Easter outfits. So I took 5 minutes before bed a snapped these of the boys.
Man they had a lot of sugar!

What sweet and silly boys. I love them more than anything, sugar high and all :)

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