Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick Camping Trip

A few days after Mother's Day we made a kind of big and spontaneous purchase. For a while now we had been talking about  purchasing an R.V. to use for quick camping trips up the canyon. We thought since we live minutes from the canyon that we should utilize that more and make some fun memories with our small family. Well Eric came across an incredible deal that we just couldn't pass up. This R.V. is a lot bigger than we wanted but it had such low miles and the inside was in perfect condition that Eric talked me into it.

A few days later we loaded up the R.V. and took it on a quick trip as a trial run. We just went up to a family members lot in Alpine in case we came across some problems and so we wouldn't be stranded. It turned out to be the perfect spot. We were able to hook up the electrical and watch movies, play baseball with the kids, fish, cook in the fire pit and I was able to get in some much needed R&R. We even were able to have some friends come up and have dinner with us. It was perfect.

After this little trip I am convinced that I will never sleep in a tent again. But maybe that has something to do with the fact that I was 9 months pregnant and got a great nights sleep :)
 I can't wait for all of the memories we are going to create for our kids!

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