Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gym and Soccer

This last year we decided that Trey was old enough to enjoy some extra-curricular activities. Since Tatum was in school all day I needed an outlet for Trey. I signed him up for gym class with Miss Heather and after a couple weeks of "getting used to it" Trey decided it wasn't so bad. I enjoyed it because it meant an hour of errand running without any kids :)

Trey had his last gym class ever at the end of May and it was a bit bitter sweet. They put on a little performance for the parents and it was just so cute. At first I was a bit worried that Trey was a little shy and wouldn't perform but after a pep talk from Miss Heather he was all smiles!

At the end Miss Heather presented each kid with a medal. Trey wouldn't take his off for a few days and had to show everyone he came in contact with.

We also put Trey in tot soccer this year. We had kind of high expectations with Trey and soccer. After a disaster year of tot soccer with Tatum we swore we would never do it again. Well Trey loves to play soccer in the backyard and is more aggressive than Tatum so we thought it would be so fun. We were wrong!

Things started out great with practice but when it came time for his first game the weather was terrible. A huge storm came rushing in with freezing winds and rain. Trey was miserable and just cried. After that game Trey was traumatized and refused to play again. 

I tried everything I could to get him to play again and nothing worked. Finally at his 2nd to last game he told me he would play but once we got there he refused again and just cried. So frustrating!! Anyways, I did get some pictures with his little friends to document that an we at least attempted.

I had to put this picture in as well because this was what Trey did the whole from the sidelines!

This time when I say never again, I mean it :)

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