Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tatum Sports

Along with Trey's activities we had Tatum signed up for Soccer and Baseball which made for a hectic 6 weeks. It was nice having the kids in so many activities because it made the end of my pregnancy go by super fast but there were days that I wouldn't know how to even fit dinner in the schedule. It was well worth it all just to see the kids have a good time.

Last fall Tatum wanted to play soccer. He hasn't played since we put him in tot soccer but he insisted. The fall was a bit rough since all of the other kids played a lot more than Tatum. Since then Tatum has been practicing so much in and out of school that he has improved so much...in fact he scored his first goal a few games into the season!

This team is awesome and was undefeated the whole season!! Way to go Fire Frogs!

Along with soccer, Tatum played baseball. This year he had the same team and coach as last year, but this time they played machine pitch. This took the kids a while to get the hang of because the balls were pitched between 31-38 mph! The first time they were up to bat I freaked out seeing how fast the balls were coming, but they all did great and really surprised me what they were capable of!

With 2 kids in sports we had either games or practice every day of the week. I now am a true soccer mom and love every minute of it!!

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